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You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.

~Paul Walker


Weight Loss Exercise and the Elderly

elderlyIf you are older and trying to lose weight you cannot use the years that have gone by as an excuse for not exercising. Even if you are over sixty five years old and suffer from conditions that you think might prevent you from exercising you can still get fit.

Studies show that people with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and heart disease need to get off the couch and start moving. The weight gain caused by being sedentary can make your condition worse.

If you are not sure if exercise is safe for your health or if you are currently inactive, check with your doctor before you begin any kind of program. This should also help with any concerns you may have about whether or not it is harmful for you to exercise.

You will also feel safer exercising if you are well prepared for it. Make sure you have had plenty of rest, that you have had enough liquid to drink and that you are well fed before expending any energy. Your clothes should fit right and be suitable for exercise and your shoes should also have good arch support so that your calves and feet do not get sore.

If you are sick or recovering or simply not been that active you should begin slowly. Start with the exercises that you are comfortable performing. Walking is the perfect activity to start with especially if you have not exercised in long time.  Starting slowly prevents you from getting sore and it also decreases your chances of overdoing it and straining yourself. It does not take much to begin an exercise program despite your age. All it literally takes is making that first step.

You need to of course check with a doctor about how much exercise you can get away with especially if you are recovering from an operation or have a chronic illness. However in general it is thought that doing some type of aerobic activity for at least half an hour every day will do wonders for keeping you fit. checkup old woman

Examples of aerobic activity are walking, swimming, and bicycling. You should also do resistance, or strength training two days per week unless you are advised not to do so by a physician. This type of training will help you burn off extra calories even while your body is sitting at rest. Furthermore weight training builds stamina and strength and is not as hard on the heart as the aerobic exercises which raise the heart rate.

Can a Weight Loss Program Make You Fat?

wlThere are hundreds of special diets being sold to Americans right now and many of them have the negative effect of making you fatter as opposed to slimmer. There is the blood type diet, the high protein diet, the raw food diet, the low fat diet, the low-carb diet, the low sodium diet, the high fiber diet, the low calorie diet, and the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, the Slim Fast Diet and many more. The problem is that not a single one of these diets is healthy for you in the long run and may even cause you to gain even more weight than ever.

The reason these diets are not healthy for you is that they do not reset the hypothamulus. This organ produces hormones that help control your weight. This dooms you to just get fatter and fatter. None of them cures hunger. In fact they just leave you feeling hungrier because many are based on calorie deprivation. Only a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and full nutritious meals can help reset the hypothamulus.

Most importantly, no matter how much weight you may lose doing these programs, none of them get your body to release stubborn fat deposits.

Counting calories is the not the answer! In other countries people eat way more calories than Americans and still manage to stay slim. Depriving oneself of calories not only makes you sick but it makes you fall off the diet all together.

Throughout the world people eat lots of carbs, tons of salt, drink beer, wine, and other alcohol, eat ice cream and other deserts, have bread and still remain skinny. Nobody drinks diet sodas. Nobody eats low fat food only. They eat all they want and do not gain weight.

How are they able to do this? The answer is that the food is produced differently than in America. In America, for example, beef is injected with bovine growth hormone and loaded with antibiotics and other drugs. The beef is fed genetically modified, chemically produced grain and ground up dead animals. This is a toxic stew that you consume full of chemicals, hormones and drugs. It is not the actual beef that makes you fat. It is the

The problem with beef in the U.S. is just one example of what is wrong with American diets. Eating naturally, organically and with an eye to reading the label on foods is the better part of a sensible and effective natural weight loss plan.

Anaerobic Exercise and Weight Loss

anaerobic1Anaerobic exercise is the type of exercise that we otherwise call muscle building or weight lifting. It is the best kind of exercise to adopt in order to lose weight.

The term anaerobic means movements that are carried out “without oxygen.”  It allows muscles to bulk up and become very strong. This is due to the muscle fibers being forced to work harder because oxygen is not constantly being pumped into the lungs and fueling the activity.

This “without oxygen” term does not mean that you are not breathing when you accomplish the moves. A weight lifter still breathes when they are not in an oxygen deficit situation. When you exercise muscles aerobically you do not breathe heavily.

Aerobic exercises include such activities as cycling, jumping rope, and swimming, spinning on a stationary cycle, rebounding and running. You may breathe heavily doing these exercises to get your heart rate up.  Lifting weight does not accelerate your pulse in the same way.

Anaerobic exercises are used during training for non-endurance sports like boxing to build muscle mass. Muscles that are trained under anaerobic conditions develop in a different way than muscles that are training for duration (such as long distance running.)

Muscle training compels the body to use processes that are not dependant on oxygen to produce energy. It just means that you are not using as much oxygen as if you were jogging or swimming. All weight lifting exercises are classified as anaerobic in nature.  Many types of anaerobic exercises associated with weightlifting. However the most common types include working with pulleys, medicine balls and slant boards.

This is very unlike an aerobic exercise, which usually requires that the body travel unless you are using a training machine such as a stationary bicycle.  Almost all stationary exercise is anaerobic in nature.

Different types of anaerobic exercises can also be used as part of interval training. Interval training is a very efficient way to lose weight and build muscle. The combination of both exercises is effective way to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Practicing anaerobic exercises can help you build lean muscle. Lean muscle keeps on burring fat long after you stop exercising. This is why this type of oxygen free exercise is such an important part of an exercise program that has the goal of achieving weight loss.

Best-Push-Up-WorkoutLean muscle mass burns the most calories of any other tissue in your body. It can help you reduce your weight at a faster rate than aerobic exercise.  The other bonus is that lean muscle tissue keeps burning muscle for hours after you stop exercising which maximizes your overall potential to lose as much weight as possible.

Fat Problem Areas?

fatsWhy is it that some people have more problems when it comes to eliminating fat deposits than others?

It has everything to do with the hypothalamus gland.

There are three basic ways that the body stores fat: as structural fat, in normal fat reserves and as problem fat reserves.

1. Structural Fat

Structural fat is part of the building blocks of the body. This type of fat surrounds the joints and the internal organs. This fat is like a soft cushion facilitates movement and prevents bone grinding on bone. This is not the fat you want to lose while you are on any diet as it is integral to the structure of your body and to accomplishing even the simplest of movements.

2. Normal Fat Reserves

These are the fat reserves that are everywhere in your body. This is a thin layer of subcutaneous fat that all of us have in our bodies. This fat keeps us warm, supple and keeps us from hurting ourselves when we fall.

3. Problem Fat Reserve Areas

Problem fat reserve areas are spread throughout your body. They are designed to be a modern survival mechanism. Once fat is stored in these areas the fat will not be released easily if ever. Most people discover how stubborn these problem fat reserve areas can be when they go on a diet and exercise program. They lose water, structural fat and muscle mass and still retain these pouches of fat no matter how much they diet or exercise to get rid of it!

When you go on a severe diet you just end up losing the fat where you absolutely can’t afford to – in the structural and subcutaneous areas of the body.

The only way to lose problem fat areas is to adjust the function of the hypothalamus through eating a healthy diet. It is the only way to prevent fat from being stored abnormally in these secure problem area fat reserves.

The only other time that the body will release these fat reserves is at the absolute point of starvation or during pregnancy.

The bottom line is that you are not fat or obese unless your metabolism is abnormally low. The issue is that when the hypothalamus gets put in an abnormal state it stores at in these secure abnormal fat reserves at a much higher rate than usual. Once you start eating an alkaline, plant based diet devoid of the refined sugars and flours and embark on a regular exercise program it is easy to lose excess fat – quickly, efficiently and forever!

Candida Yeast and Food Cravings

craveMost people who suffer from being overweight are vulnerable to food cravings. This keeps them overweight simply because they overeat. The real cause might be yeast that is lurking in their intestines.  This yeast is called Candida. Normally your intestine is loaded with good and bad bacteria. However we eat things and take medicines every day that kill off these bacteria we suffer from a condition called Candida overgrowth.

Antibiotics are a major cause of yeast overgrowth in the colon. They kill off all the good bacteria in your gut that is necessary for proper digestion so that your body can absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.

Candida burrows into the intestinal wall and then spreads, like a fungus, throughout the entire body.  Candida has an appetite of its own and feeds on simple carbohydrates such as yeast, flour, sugar, pasta and all refined foods like cake and ice cream.  It creates little pockets in the intestinal wall where food is trapped and eventually ferments.

The reason you gain weight when you have this type of yeast infection is that Candida creates cravings for the foods that are the worst for you. The toxic food particles trapped in the intestines also succumb to the type of bloating that can make a belly look really fat. In fact Candida yeast is also the main cause of gas, constipation and a rounded stomach or waist. Mentally this yeast causes depression, a lack of concentration and fatigue. This alone can cause people who are overweight to eat too much.

Candida is not only an organism onto itself but also an environment in which other organisms like to live. When you have Candida yeast you are not just hosting one bug – you are hosting several and they all contribute to weight gain and food cravings.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The secondary cause of food cravings in people with Candida is parasites. These parasites leech on the body causing nutritional deficiencies that in turn cause uncontrollable cravings for certain types of foods. These parasites also excrete toxins and serve to help clog up the liver and colon.

One of your natural approaches to weight loss may be to take an herbal formula that helps destroy these parasites so that your intestine can function normally again. There are also medications that can be prescribed by your doctor to clear up yeast problems as well so you are not completely at the mercy of this rampant organism that can play such havoc with your weight.