About Magic Global Group

About Magic Global Group

Major Markets:

  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Health & Beauty Aids
  • Household & Utilities

Vital Statistics:

Parent Company Founded: Taiwan 2000
New Company Launch: Singapore 2009

Key Personnel:

Bigy Tan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Magic Global Group. She is a small business marketing expert and has served as a marketing advisor and worked with small and mid-sized businesses for over 20 years.

Our Company Philosophy

Magic Global Group was founded with one goal in mind; to help you feel good and look beautiful. We believe that our selection of beauty and slimming services, coupled with our friendly and professional staff is a key to our success. We focus on restoring you to optimum skin health and body well-being.

Every customer will be assured of Magic Global Group Exclusive Hallmark of, Acclaimed Service, Optimum Quality, Astute Professionalism, Advanced Technology & Effective Results.

Company Description:

Magic Global Group is a global supplier focused on innovation products. The company was founded in Singapore year 2009 and grew quickly as “SUCCESS IS DOING MORE THAN YOU’RE ASKED TOO…and we do!”

Magic Global Group founded on the principles of innovation and quality in both product and service delivery. We are often called upon to recommend and produce products, which fill market opportunities. This is all possible given our unique position of understanding the full spectrum of raw materials in addition to knowing the most effective manner in which to fabricate them into category WINNERS!

All our products are manufactured in Japan, Korea, Taiwan which is home to the latest in modern machinery, specially designed for handling our main product, such as magic slim, magic QQ ball. Our machinery is one of our competitive advantages given the highly productive output and consistency in quality it delivers.

We deliver strong brand and product identities, individual packaging, visual merchandising and effective point-of-sale positioning. Our goal is to increase our customer’s value and the consumer’s perceived benefits.

Magic Global Group Business Opportunities:

Magic Global Group offer business advice and opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and who wish to start up their own business within the beauty and slimming industry. We offer a one-stop service for all your R&D, marketing, manufacturing, quality management and logistics needs.


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